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Frequently-asked questions

Where can I buy a Chimney Balloon from?
From ourselves by phone, fax, letter or online. We accept credit cards and cheques.
How much is one?
Depends on the size: there are three standard sizes starting at NZ$58.00,
then the price goes up with size (refer to sizing chart)
Where does it go?
About 30cm up the chimney flue, above the fireplace opening.
The front and back at least must be reasonably parallel.
It doesn't matter if it is rough or lumpy.
Click here for diagram.
Can I fit it myself?
Yes, it is a very simple DIY job.
The handgrip hanging down (just out of sight) has a tap on the end.


What is it for?
It stops draughts, heat loss, soot, flies, debris and birds' mess, reduces noise.
How does it work?
It's like a plastic pillow. You put it about 30cm up the chimney, holding it by the handgrip to keep your hands clean, inflate it until it grips the chimney walls, turn off it's tap.
Is there any ventilation?
There is a curve at one end, which forms two little triangular tunnels, thus giving just enough ventilation to keep the chimney dry without any draught.
Will it stop rainwater dripping onto the hearth?
Normally, yes. If you have a fair amount coming down, the chimney pot fixing is probably cracked where it joins the chimney stack.
Will it stop birds coming into the room?
Yes. It is a common problem that the chimney balloon solves.
Will it stop cats or kittens climbing inside the chimney?
Yes. They just love investigating dark holes!
Is it easy to remove?
Yes – open the tap on the end of the handgrip, wait a minute and it should fall out. It was designed for people having fires at weekends. Pop it in a plastic bag until required again.
Do I have to take it out before lighting the fire?
Yes. If you forget, it will shrink in about 40 seconds and let the smoke and fumes go up the chimney. You'll then need a new one.
What is the material made of?
It's not rubber, because rubber perishes in chimneys. It is a fairly thin but flexible plastic tri-laminate, a special 'hi-tech' material. The outer layer is tough, the inner is an air barrier layer and the core is a heat shrink material. It is transparent to aid fitting.
How do I remember it is there?
There's a little red label that you put in the grate to remind you.


Does it come in different sizes?
Yes – refer to sizes and prices list.
How do I know what size I need?
Use the sizing list and check by shining a torch up the chimney
OR measure about 30cm up above the fireplace opening where the sides are parallel; you require side-to-side and front-to-back measurements. If you can't measure right across, measure one side to middle, opposite side to middle, then add the two together.
Click here for diagram.
What if my chimney is not to standard size?
We can supply extra large or odd sizes – please contact us for advice and prices.
What if I have ordered the wrong size?
We will swap it. If you need a larger size, you pay the difference.


How do I blow it up?
The 60cm mouth inflation tube is quick,easy and clean.
It requires very little effort, just maybe 20 large breathes.


What sort of guarantee is there?
One- year, except for wear and tear. If you are dissatisfied, we will refund.
What if it is faulty?
Send it back. We will organise repairs of replacement.
For how long can I leave it?
As long as you want. We recommend that you inspect it every three months to see if it needs topping up with air. It allows a little ventilation and it won't corrode.
How long should it last?
We would expect at least four years.
Can it be repaired?
Sometimes. There will be a standard charge if over a year old.


How soon can you send it?
Allow 2-3 days after order has been placed.

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