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sizes and pricing

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38cm x 23cm



60cm x 30cm



90cm x 38cm


Postage & packaging


N.B. All balloons include 60cm inflation tube for quick, clean inflation.

Extra-large or odd size?

Please phone us for advice and prices.

How to position and measure

Measure your chimney about 30cm or so up out of sight where your Chimney Balloon will fit as shown in the diagrams at right. You will need the side-to-side and the front-to-back inside dimensions. We suggest you use a flexible steel tape measure (Stanley type) or two pieces of cardboard extended like wings.

It is only necessary to measure approximately and choose the Chimney Balloon of the approximate size or slightly bigger than your chimney.

REMEMBER: You actually inflate the balloon once it is in position, typically about 30cm up the chimney.
Do NOT inflate then insert.


How to position and measure

 Home » Product info » Sizes and pricing